First Charter Aircraft Carrying People Escaping Haiti Lands In Miami

( – The situation in Haiti has spiraled out of control. The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince is open, but guarded by Marines and running with a skeleton crew. President Joe Biden’s administration told Americans to leave last year, but many didn’t listen. Now, the first charter plane filled with people escaping the violence has landed in the US.

On March 17, a flight from Haiti landed in the US at Miami International Airport in Florida. It was the first time in two weeks that an aircraft had traveled from the tiny island nation to an American airport. The Global X charter flight left Cap-Haïtien with 47 Americans on board. The passengers on the flight told CBS News that they learned of the US-sponsored charter through an email and on the State Department website.

In July 2023, the State Department issued a no-travel warning to Americans who wanted to visit the island. The administration also ordered the evacuation of all US citizens on the island, including all non-emergency US personnel and their families. As the situation has devolved over the last several months, it’s become increasingly difficult for Americans to leave the country.

The flight on St. Patrick’s Day was paid for by the State Department. A spokesperson for the administration confirmed its arrival and said the government would “continue to assist U.S. citizens as long as commercial options remain unavailable,” and it’s safe to do so.

Gangs have taken over in Haiti, even forcing the prime minister to resign. There is currently no president governing the country either. The gangs have released thousands of prisoners from jails and threatened civil war.

Port-au-Prince is still very dangerous. The Flight Radar 24 app, which tracks aircraft, shows nearly all of the flights leaving the airport in the capital city have been canceled. The State Department spokesperson said officials are “examining options for departures out of” the capital and will let US citizens know about any flights available as soon as they’re “safely and securely” arranged.

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