Mayor Eric Adams Is Accused By A Former Coworker Of Assaulting Her

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is facing all kinds of issues. He’s reportedly under investigation for possible campaign violations in 2021. And as of recently, he was accused of assaulting a former coworker.

On March 18, Lorna Beach-Mathura, a former employee of the New York City Transit Police Department, filed a lawsuit against Adams in Manhattan Supreme Court. She claims that in 1993, the mayor, then an officer with the NYPD, demanded sexual favors from her in order to help her advance her career. She initially filed the complaint last November under the state’s Adult Survivors Act, which allows civil lawsuits for sexual offenses that allegedly happened after the statute of limitations ran out. She is also suing the NYPD, the city, and the Guardians Association.

According to Beach-Mathura, Adams was a well-known member of the NYPD Guardians Association, at the time of the alleged incident. The group is a fraternal order for black police officers. After she was passed over for several promotions, she claims she went to him for help. Beach-Mathura alleges Adams offered her a ride home to discuss the problem but drove her to a vacant lot next to the Hudson River instead. There, she claims he ordered her to perform a sexual act on him in return for his help.

Adams’ accuser claims he placed her hands on his private parts and exposed himself. When she refused to do anything, she claimed he pleasured himself in front of her. Afterward, she alleges he didn’t even take her home; he just dropped her off at a nearby subway station.

Beach-Mathura has asked for a jury trial.

POLITICO reported that last year, Lisa Zornberg, the mayor’s chief counsel at City Hall, slammed the alleged victim’s history of filing lawsuits. She said Beach-Mathura has admitted she’s filed so many suits that “she’s written a book on how to file lawsuits, telling people to follow her lead because, quote, ‘you just may win.’”

The mayor denies the allegations against him.

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