No Labels Party May Mount a Third-Party Bid for President

( – If you’ve had enough of both of the main political parties, you’re not alone. Now, you might actually find a candidate you’re happy to vote for. Centrist group No Labels is likely to field a third candidate. Unlike traditional third parties, they might even be able to find a political heavyweight to put forward, but no names have emerged yet.

There’s still almost eight months before the presidential election, but after Super Tuesday, it’s already almost certain that we’ll have a repeat of 2020’s Donald Trump v. Joe Biden race. Not everyone is enthusiastic about that, and on March 8, No Labels, a 501(c) group that opposes partisanship in politics, voted in favor of putting its own candidate forward. The vote followed an online meeting of over 600 delegates.

Third-party candidates aren’t new—the Libertarians and Greens can usually be relied on to run—but No Labels is aiming itself at mainstream voters put off by the increasing polarization of the main parties. There’s a possibility the group could find a well-known GOP or Democrat politician to run; rumors have named several possibilities, including Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and former Republican governors Chris Christie and Larry Hogan. Manchin and Hogan have ruled themselves out, but Christie is keeping his options open and says he’d consider running as a No Labels candidate. Failed GOP candidate Nikki Haley has ruled it out though, saying it would “require a Democrat” and implying that she might have missed the point of a non-partisan candidate.

At this point, it’s not even certain that No Labels will run anyone, despite the vote. The group still has to agree on a selection process, and member Mike Rawlings, a former Democrat mayor, says they don’t have a candidate and “it’s possible, in the end, we won’t find a suitable candidate.” At least now, we know they’re looking for one.

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