The Resignation Of President Vo Van Thuong Accepted By The Government Of Vietnam

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin recently won another six years in office. The US is in the middle of a presidential election that could shift the country’s policies in a major way. The prime ministers of Ireland and Haiti resigned. And now another world leader has also submitted their resignation, and their government accepted it.

On March 20, Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigned from the position after taking office a little over a year ago. The Communist Party announced his resignation, accusing him of corruption. The Associated Press reported that the party stated that his violations “left a bad mark on the reputation of the Communist Party.”

The Vietnamese National Assembly accepted Thuong’s resignation the next day. A statement by the party said he “violated regulations regarding what party members are not allowed to do” but didn’t say what the violations were.

Thuong became president in 2023 after the previous president, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, resigned from office. The former leader stepped down to take “political responsibility” for scandals during the world health crisis. Thuong’s resignation followed rumors that he would have been ousted anyway. It was a disappointing ending to a promising political career that culminated in his election as the youngest president in modern times.

Unlike most countries, the position of president is not the most powerful in Vietnam. It’s actually in the third spot. The most powerful man in the country is Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

The 79-year-old has led Vietnam since 2011. The departure of Thuong is a blow to the longtime leader, as reports indicate the recently resigned leader was his protege. Ironically, the push to remove him from office was part of Trong’s “most important legacy,” rooting out corruption in the government.

The upheaval in Vietnam is cause for some concern. Experts are worried that it could hurt the financial market by making the country unstable. The World Bank president recently postponed a trip to the nation.

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