The “Uncommitted” Vote In Michigan Raises Concerns For Biden

  • President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the dump. 
  • Israel’s bombing of Gaza and attacks in the West Bank have put a strain on the Left’s support of the Democratic president.
  • Biden won the Michigan primary, but the “uncommitted” vote was high. 
  • The results are reportedly sounding alarms.

( – President Joe Biden’s support of Israel has turned many Democrats against him. The border crisis in America isn’t helping either. Those problems were on full display when the Michigan primary numbers came in recently.

Michigan Primary

On February 27, the Michigan primary took place. Democratic and Republican voters headed to the polls and chose who they wanted to represent them in November. Both Biden and former President Donald Trump won their respective primaries. However, the 46th president’s numbers also revealed how many people were unhappy with him.

Biden won the primary with 81.1% of the vote. More than 618,000 people voted for him in the election. The second-place winner was “uncommitted” with 13.3% and more than 101,000 votes. The data shows the president lost Arab American and Muslim voters, a group that helped him swing the state and win the general election in 2020.

What’s Happening?

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is causing major headaches for Biden. The POTUS is following a longstanding policy to support Israel’s right to defend itself after it was viciously attacked by terrorists and nearly 1,200 people were murdered. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has essentially turned the Gaza Strip into a parking lot and has killed tens of thousands of civilians in the process, many of them children and women.

Back at home, protests have taken place across the country. Progressives have accused Israel of committing genocide, a terrible allegation to lob at a country formed after 6 million Jews were murdered during World War II. POLITICO reported his stance on Israel could cost him the election.

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud (D) voted “uncommitted” in the primary and told Axios, “This is not an Arab issue. It’s not a Muslim issue. This is an issue of morality.”

Additionally, millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the border and into cities like Detroit, during the president’s administration. The unending flow of migrants has pushed Democratic cities to the brink, and Liberals are calling on Biden to do something about it.

Then there is the issue of Biden’s age, the incredibly high grocery and gas prices, and the cost of medical care. Everywhere Americans turn, it appears they are shelling out more money.

None of these problems are good for Biden, and it appears Democrats know it too.

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