TV Star Mike Rowe Reveals The One Job He Will Never Take On: “You Can’t Wash That Stink Off”

( – Television host Mike Rowe isn’t afraid to take on dirty jobs. In fact, that’s exactly what he did on his show “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel for more than a decade. He recently revealed what job he would never get into: politics.

BlazeTV’s “Prime Time with Alex Stein” host recently interviewed Rowe. He asked the reality television host why he never went and did “the dirtiest job, which is being a politician.” Rowe explained that there are only two different kinds of dirty jobs. He said there’s the disgusting kind, and “at the end of the day, you can take a shower […] and then there’s politics.”

Stein responded, “You can’t wash that stink off.”

Rowe agreed, saying it “gets on the inside.”

In an interview with CNN, Rowe revealed that he’d actually been contacted by a presidential candidate recently. He said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) called him. Rowe explained that he’d run into the Independent candidate in Dallas about six months ago, and they exchanged information with one another.

The two had a meeting to discuss Rowe’s foundation, mikeroweWORKS, and RFK Jr. asked him if he’d considered ever running for office. Rowe said, “I spit my coffee back into my cup and said, ‘Seriously?’” He went on to say they had a “serious conversation” about the possibility, and it was “gratifying.”

RFK Jr. is set to reveal his vice presidential candidate on March 26. He will hold a press conference in Oakland, California. Rowe didn’t reveal whether the candidate had chosen him but said he was asked to consider the possibility, and he did.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers are two others that RFK Jr. has floated as possibilities. The NFL player is still under contract with the Jets, though, and is expected to report for training camp this summer, just as the election heats up.

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