UN Security Council Advances Palestine’s Bid For Admission To The United Nations

(NewsReady.com) – Palestine is not currently recognized as a sovereign country. That’s one of the reasons for the longstanding conflict with Israel. However, Palestinian leaders have applied to become part of the United Nations.

Like the Vatican, Palestine is a non-member observer of the UN. For years, the region has tried to become a full member of the international body. However, that’s repeatedly been thwarted. The effort has now been revised.

According to reports, the United Nations Security Council is moving forward with Palestine’s application. Malta’s UN Ambassador Vanessa Frazier, the president of the Security Council in April, brought the application forward on April 8. She then referred it to the subsidiary Committee on the Admission of New Members for consideration. None of its 15 committee members objected to the application, and they agreed to begin deliberations.

Frazier told reporters that the deliberations had “to take place during the month of April.”

The committee will now examine the decade-old application from the state of Palestine. Then, they will make a recommendation to the Security Council. If the application makes it through the committee, it will be referred to the UN General Assembly. To be approved, two-thirds of 193 countries would have to vote yes to let Palestine join.

The first time Palestine applied to become a full UN member was in 2011. At the time, the committee wasn’t able to come to a unanimous agreement. Instead, it allowed Palestine to become a non-member observer state.

Israel has been at war in the Gaza Strip for approximately six months. The nation started the conflict after Hamas carried out a surprise attack on October 7. The attack killed more than 1,100 people, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been at war to eradicate the terrorist organization since. The war made the humanitarian crisis in Gaza much worse.

Palestine Ambassador Riyad Mansour spoke alongside Frazier and called the decision to allow the application to move forward historic.

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