United States Is Set To Slap Punitive Sanctions Against Occupied West Bank Outposts

(NewsReady.com) – Violence has increased in the West Bank since the start of Israel’s conflict in the other Palestinian region, the Gaza Strip. Journalists have reported more hate crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank from Israeli extremists who want to push them out of the region. The US is now taking action.

On March 14, the State Department announced sanctions against two illegal Israeli outposts—Moshes Farm and Zvis Farm—in the West Bank. According to the government, the outposts are used to carry out violence against the Palestinian people who live in the region. The news marks the first time the US government has issued sanctions on entire outposts, rather than targeted sanctions against individuals.

The State Department also sanctioned three individuals. Zvi Bar Yosef and Moshe Sharvit are the leaders of the two outposts. Action was also taken against Neriya Ben Pazi. All three individuals are accused of participating in attacks against Palestinians.

The sanctions freeze the assets the settlers and the outposts might have in the US. It also prohibits them from obtaining visas to enter the US, and they will no longer have access to America’s banking system.

NBC News reported the State Department held a news briefing, and spokesperson Matthew Miller said the outposts are controlled and owned by people who have used them as “a base from which to launch violent acts.” Miller pointed out that the settlements are illegal under Israeli law and called on Israel to take steps to stop the violence.

Miller also said the US doesn’t believe there’s any “justification for extremist violence against civilians” and expressed the belief that nobody should be forced out of their homes.

Oftentimes, Israeli settlers violently force Palestinians in the West Bank out of their homes and then take their property, leaving them homeless. From October 7 to mid-January, settlers killed at least eight Palestinians and injured 11. More than 1,200 were displaced, including 586 children. They accounted for 198 households.

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