14 Democrats Join House GOP in Condemning Biden’s Border Proposal

(NewsReady.com) – There’s no denying that there are problems at the southern border. More than 300,000 migrants crossed the border illegally in December alone. More than a dozen Democrats have now voted with Republicans to condemn President Joe Biden’s border policies.

On January 18, the House of Representatives voted on a non-binding resolution sponsored by Rep. Nathaniel Moran (R-TX) that “denounces the Biden administration’s open-borders policies.” It also “condemns the national security and public safety crisis” that allegedly results from the border policies.

The resolution passed the House 225–187. Every Republican voted for the motion, and 14 Democrats joined. Those Democrats were Reps.

  1. Mary Peltola (Alaska)
  2. Colin Allred (Texas)
  3. Yadira Caraveo (Colorado)
  4. Angie Craig (Minnesota)
  5. Henry Cuellar (Texas)
  6. Don Davis (NC)
  7. Vicente Gonzalez (Texas)
  8. Susie Lee (Nevada)
  9. Greg Landsman (Ohio)
  10.  Wiley Nickel (NC)
  11.  Jared Moskowitz (Florida)
  12.  Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (Washington)
  13.  Eric Sorensen (Illinois)
  14.  Jared Golden (Maine)

Rep. Nickel told The Hill that lawmakers need to take “decisive action at the southern border.” He also criticized lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for making immigration and border protection a political issue rather than working together. The Democrat went on to say that he is willing to “work with anyone to help save lives […] and make our communities safer.”

Landsman, another of the resolution’s supporters, said the Biden administration could do more but called the resolution a “gotcha’ bill.” He accused Republicans of using votes like that “to twist the truth.” The Ohio lawmaker said he was going to submit his own resolution to demand Congress fully fund the immigration courts, Border Patrol, and technology needs—something Biden has been asking lawmakers to do.

The vote came a day after President Joe Biden met with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Senate leaders to discuss his request for aid for Ukraine, Israel, and the border. After the meeting, the speaker made it clear there would need to be “transformative” changes at the border first.

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