An Ohio Man’s Roommates Drove His Corpse To Take Money Out of His Bank Account

( – Roommates are not always enjoyable to live with. Sometimes there are conflicts, and living with other people becomes a miserable situation. Two women in Ohio are accused of doing something terrible to their housemate.

On March 4, 63-year-old Karen Casbohm and 55-year-old Loreen Feralo were accused of finding their roommate, 80-year-old Douglas Layman, dead. Instead of calling 911 and requesting emergency responders, the duo reportedly had a better idea. They are accused of reenacting the 1989 comedy “Weekend at Bernie’s” by loading the dead fellow up in a vehicle with the help of a third person.

A statement from the Ashtabula Police Department issued a statement on social media saying the alleged culprits sat Layman in the front seat of his vehicle. Then, they drove to a nearby bank where he had an account and withdrew an undisclosed sum of money. The police claimed Kasbohm, Feralo, and the third individual placed him in the seat in a way that made him visible to the bank’s staff.

After the bank run, police say the women dropped the deceased elderly man off at the Ashtabula County Medical Center (ACMC). The medical center called law enforcement and reported that two unidentified women dropped a corpse off at their facility. Officers located the women and charged them with theft and gross abuse of a corpse.

Police Chief Robert Stell called the crime “unconscionable.”

Layman’s family spoke to WKYC 3 about what happened. James Hubbard, the victim’s stepson, said that he didn’t understand what the women were thinking “and how that money meant that much to them.” Hubbard explained that Casbohm dated his stepfather for about three years, beginning about a year after his mom died, whom the victim had been with for 33 years.

Hubbard called his late stepdad a “great guy” who helped people and kept to himself. “He’s always been there for our family,” the grieving stepson said.

Layman’s cause of death is pending.

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