Diabetes and Other Conditions Are Expected To Soar Among Older Americans

(NewsReady.com) – Experts have long warned that Americans were eating very poorly. Their diets generally contain fewer fresh ingredients, more fat, salt, and other added sugars. As a result, more than 40% of men and women are obese. Analysts now predict illnesses will soar in the next 15 years or so.

The occurrence of age-related illnesses like kidney diseases and diabetes could skyrocket by 60% by 2040 across the world, McKinsey & Company analysts predicted. At that time, about one in six people globally will be over the age of 60. The health problems will be worse in the United States because of the lifestyles of the American people.

The unhealthy food that makes up the average person’s diet, coupled with inactivity, can create an ideal environment for insulin resistance. There’s also the possibility that increasing rates of mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression, can cause the rates of diseases to rise. That’s because those disorders are often linked to poor sleep and a bad diet.

Rhianna Jones, a registered nurse at CanXida, spoke to Newsweek about the prediction and verified that the diets of Americans and a lack of exercise are definitely factors in the rising epidemic. That’s not the only issue, though. She said people in the US are also exposed to “preservatives, additives, and toxins in the environment and food supply,” which could be playing a role in the rising occurrence of chronic diseases. She explained that “substances can impact metabolic processes and contribute to inflammation.”

The CDC has also warned about a rise in diabetes and obesity. In 2022, the agency predicted as many as 220,000 young people could have type 2 diabetes in 2060. Further, there could be a 65% increase in the rate of type 1 diabetes in the next 40 years.

Debra Houry, the CDC’s acting principal deputy director, said the new information “should serve as a wake-up call” and that the country needs to focus on ensuring its young people are healthy.

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