GOP Governor Warns Texas Border Situation Is Dangerous

( – The Biden administration is trying to stop Texas from controlling its border with Mexico, and that’s putting state and federal law enforcement on different sides of the problem. Now, a Republican governor is warning that the White House’s interference has created a “powder keg.” There’s a real risk of clashes between Texas National Guard troops putting up border barriers and federal agents cutting them.

On January 22, the US Supreme Court ruled, in a 5-4 vote, that federal agents can cut razor wire installed along the border between Texas and Mexico. The barriers have been set up at illegal immigration hotspots by the Texas Army National Guard on orders from Governor Greg Abbott (R). Abbott says he’ll continue doing all he can to protect his state from what he’s officially designated an invasion, but the Biden Administration seems equally determined to stop him.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) appeared on Newsmax on January 25 to discuss the border crisis. He warned that the opposing missions of state and federal agencies created “a powder keg worth of tension” and added that he supported Texas’s right to defend itself. The same day, Stitt and 25 other Republican governors released a joint statement in support of Governor Abbott and confirmed Texas has “a constitutional right” to protect both itself and the US as a whole.

Regarding the possibility of Biden federalizing the Texas National Guard and ordering it to stand down from border security operations, Stitt said that would put the Guardsmen in a difficult position, torn between obeying the president and protecting their country. He also suggested that other red states could send their own Guard units to reinforce Texas and assist with its security.

Several Democratic lawmakers are already calling for the president to take control of the Texas Guard, but taking that step would inflame the already serious tensions between the White House and red state governments. If Biden actually wants to fix the dangerous divides in America, such a blatant attack on state authority probably isn’t the best way to do it.

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