Hundreds of Migrant Families To Be Expelled From Shelters in Denver

  • Over 29,000 migrants have gone to Denver to live.
  • The city’s shelters are completely full.
  • The mayor has started kicking migrants out of the shelters to make room for new families. 
  • More than 7,000 of the immigrants have come from Texas.

( – The border is in a state of crisis and has been for three years. Republicans in the Senate recently killed a bipartisan immigration bill that included strict limits on asylum and would have allowed the border to be shut down. While lawmakers on Capitol Hill fight over how to handle the situation, cities are completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of migrants coming into the country.

Denver, Colorado, is one of the cities that is under siege by thousands of migrants. The city has spent tens of millions of dollars to deal with the flow of immigrants. Officials are now taking a different approach to freeing up shelter space.

Kicking Them Out

On February 5, more than 120 migrant families had to leave the shelters where they were staying in Denver. They were the first wave of an estimated 800 families that will leave in the coming weeks. The sanctuary city originally paused the exits because the weather was extremely cold, but the migrants have been told it’s time to leave.

The decision to force the migrants out of the shelters and hotel rooms is the result of a continued flow of new immigrants arriving in the city. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has sent more than 7,800 migrants to the sanctuary city.

Mayor Mike Johnston (D) has complained about the buses arriving in his city from Texas, saying they often drop the migrants off in areas where people aren’t expecting them in the middle of the night.

Johnston told 9 News that those immigrants are left to “fend for themselves in the cold as they seek shelter,” saying many are children.

Denver Is Full

The decision to force immigrants out was a “terrible decision” to have to make, Johnston said. However, he explained that it was necessary because they are full and 250 new people are arriving every day.

Yoli Casas with ViVe Wellness said the organization has never seen so many people. Sadly, people will have to leave shelters because “we’re full,” the activist said. “There’s just no more space,” Casas explained.

In total, more than 29,000 migrants have entered Denver since 2022, and the city has spent $33 million to support them. The federal government has promised to provide $9 million in federal funding to the city.

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