Mass Shooting Mars Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Celebration

( – The Kansas City Chiefs are back-to-back Super Bowl winners. The win puts quarterback Patrick Mahomes among the greats before the age of 30. He has now won three Super Bowls in five years. The Kansas City metro area was excited about the win. Hundreds of thousands of them turned out for a championship parade on Valentine’s Day, but it ended horribly.

At approximately 2 p.m. CST on February 14, shots rang out near the Kansas City Union Station in Missouri. The gunfire caused thousands of people to start running. According to Police Chief Stacey Graves, 22 people suffered injuries in the mass shooting. At least half of the victims were children, ranging in age from 8 to 47 years old.

At least one person died in the shooting. The victim was identified as Elizabeth Galvan, a 43-year-old mother of two. Graves said the deceased victim was “beloved by many.” She was the host of a popular radio show called “Taste of Tejano” and went by the name Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Her son, Marc, was also at the event, and he was shot in the leg but later released from the hospital.

The Kansas City Police Department took two teenagers in custody. Initially, they took three people into custody but released one of them. Civilians tackled one person who was running. A weapon reportedly fell from his clothing when he went down. The Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker’s office is working with the department to determine charges for the teens. Baker said her office will use every tool he has to “address this tragedy.”

Graves said the shooting may have been the result of a “dispute between several people that ended in gunfire.” Law enforcement doesn’t believe it had anything to do with terrorism or extremism of any sort. Police found several guns at the scene, but did not give any more details about the weapons.

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