Nikki Haley Withdraws From The Presidential Primary Race

( – Most Republicans saw the writing on the wall months ago. Former President Donald Trump was going to be the party’s nominee. Every conservative in the primary race dropped out—except Nikki Haley. After Super Tuesday, she, too, realized she didn’t stand a chance.

On March 6, the former South Carolina governor announced she was suspending her campaign for president. In a speech in Charleston, Haley called it quits but said she was grateful for all of the support she’d received throughout the campaign. “I have no regrets,” she told the audience.

Haley refused to endorse her former boss when bowing out but congratulated him on the win. She urged him to try to connect with the voters who didn’t support him during the primary. Her refusal to endorse her Republican opponent appears to be in line with her previous remarks that she didn’t feel obligated to abide by the Republican National Committee pledge to support the party’s nominee.

Fifteen Republican primary caucuses took place the day before, and it was a political bloodbath. Trump bested his former UN ambassador in every race except one. She managed to pull off a win in Vermont, but even that race was very close with less than a five-point margin.

Trump responded to Haley’s announcement by saying Haley got most of her money from Democrats. He said she was “TROUNCED” on Super Tuesday. He invited her supporters to “join the greatest movement in the history of our nation.”

President Joe Biden also responded to Haley’s announcement, commending her on the “courage” it took to run for president and speak out against Trump. He also asked her voters to support his candidacy.

Biden claimed Trump doesn’t want her supporters (something the Republican contradicted when he invited them to hop on the Trump train). The president told Haley’s supporters that they don’t agree on much, but they all want to preserve America’s democracy, remain in NATO, stand up for the law, and respect each other. He said he hoped they could find “common ground.”

Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for president. The November election is set to be a rematch of the 2020 race.

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