Obama Veterans Have Revived a National Security Group To Support Biden

(NewsReady.com) – President Joe Biden is facing a tough reelection fight. The Democratic commander-in-chief is incredibly unpopular. A group of officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration is hoping to make a change.

In 2018, current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Ben Rhodes, the former deputy national security adviser under ex-President Barack Obama, began a group called National Security Action. The group was used to oppose then-President Donald Trump’s foreign policy agenda and push the Democratic Party’s ideals.

When President Joe Biden took power, the group went dormant. Now, Rhodes is reviving it. The “Pod Save the World” host told Axios that he will be working to “remind people” of the difference between Trump and Biden. Caroline Tess, who also served on Obama’s National Security Council, is the group’s executive director. She said the group put itself out of business in the past, but now a possible second term has meant they need to “mobilize to communicate the unique danger” Trump presents to the world and the US.

Rhodes explained that Trump’s foreign policy approach is “very dangerous” and said he will likely make all of the crises in the world worse rather than better. He went on to add that he thinks the 45th president is “incredibly dangerous for democracy globally” because he thinks autocracy will feel vindicated.

Ironically, Rhodes has criticized Biden’s approach to dealing with some issues, including his support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The former Obama official addressed that, saying that the people involved with National Security Action aren’t going to always support the current president, but they think he’s better than the alternative.

The group is going to have a tough time convincing the American people. Biden is currently polling in the 30s for his job performance, according to FiveThirtyEight. He’s also losing to Trump in many presidential straw polls, as well.

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