Tensions Rising As China Conducts New Military Drills Close To The Border With India

(NewsReady.com) – Tensions between India and China have ramped up again. The two nations have been embroiled in a border dispute for years. Recently, the Chinese government carried out a test that created controversy.

On March 11, China Central Television (a state-run network) posted on Weibo, a social media platform, about a military operation. According to Newsweek, the post stated that a “female missile platoon fired live ammunition at a new subsonic aircraft” on the Karakoram Plateau. The area is along China’s border with India. The post went on to say the platoon hit its target.

The post included a video showing the Chinese military’s advanced surface-to-air missile.

On the same day as the Chinese test, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his country had successfully carried out its own test of a missile equipped with multiple warheads. Modi posted about it on X, formerly Twitter, and said the new system is an Agni-5 missile with Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology.

Modi shared a photo of his country’s military strength the next day.

India has been developing its own medium- and long-range missiles since the 1990s. It’s believed to have missiles that are capable of reaching almost all of China and Pakistan, another country it’s locked in an ongoing conflict with.

The current dispute with China is over a disputed 2,100-mile border region in the Himalayan Mountains. In recent years, there have been multiple skirmishes between soldiers on both sides of the disputed territory. In 2020, the first deadly clash took place in more than four decades. At least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers died. The two sides fought each other with clubs and sticks in that battle.

India has also expanded security ties with the US and other countries amid the growing tension with China. At the same time, the relationship between the Chinese and American governments has become more strained.

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