The Contest Between Biden And Trump Is The First Presidential Rematch To Take Place Since 1956

( – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are likely to face off again in November. Both men are the presumptive nominees for their parties, which means there will be a rematch of the 2020 election just four years later. That’s the first time there’s been a presidential rematch in nearly 70 years.

On March 12, Georgia, Washington, and Mississippi held their Republican primaries. Predictably, Trump won all of them and finally reached the 1,215 delegates he needed to win the GOP nomination for president, though it won’t be official until the convention over the summer.

The former president released a video to his supporters, calling it a “really great day of victory.”

The last time two presidential candidates had a rematch was in 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower faced off against former Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson. The Republican president beat the ex-Democratic governor in a landslide just four years earlier, winning 442 electoral votes to his 89. The 1952 election ended the Democratic Party’s 20-year hold on the White House.

When the 1956 election rolled around, Stevenson decided he wasn’t done. He ran again and won the Democratic nomination. The Democrat had a hold on the party’s base but didn’t appeal to the moderates in his party. He also ignored the civil rights movement, for the most part. Meanwhile, even though the president was in bad health, the country was doing very well. When voters headed to the polls that November, Stevenson lost by an even larger margin than he had four years earlier. Eisenhower received 457 electoral votes to the Democrat’s 73.

Before the 1956 race, there’d only been a handful of other rematches in presidential history. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went up against each other in 1796 and 1800. In 1824 and 1828, Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams faced off. William Henry Harrison and Martin Van Buren went up against one another in 1836 and 1840. Then there were the 1888 and 1892 races between Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harris. Finally, William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley battled it out in 1896 and 1900.

Now, Biden and Trump will be added to the list.

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