The Egg Crisis in Russia Is Getting Out of Hand

( – The cost of eggs hit a record high in the US in early 2023. An outbreak of avian flu coupled with inflation made the protein more than $7 per dozen in California. Now, Russia is experiencing skyrocketing prices for eggs, but not because of bird flu.

Russia has been at war with Ukraine for nearly two years. When President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the neighboring country, the US and many European countries introduced sanctions. Those sanctions, along with inflation, have caused economic woes for Putin’s country. One of the issues has been the increasing cost of eggs.

In November, the price of eggs shot up more than 40% year-on-year. In December, the economic ministry announced imports of the product would be exempt from taxes for the first six months of 2024 to try to lower the prices. The move is expected to result in the importation of 1.2 billion eggs during that period. The ministry also said the imports could come from “friendly countries” that aren’t imposing sanctions on them because of the Ukraine war.

The surge in egg prices is due in part to Putin’s war. The cost of grain used to feed the birds has risen, and so have antibiotics. Those products were largely imported from Europe before the war, and now there are shortages, which is helping to drive the soaring prices.

Newsweek reported a student told a Russian news agency that a dozen eggs used to cost 70 rubles ($0.78), but now they go for 130 to 140 rubles ($1.45 to $1.56). Elizaveta Chalaïevskaïa, a 76-year-old on a fixed income, said she was “shocked” by “what’s happening with the prices,” complaining that it’s impacting all products, not just eggs.

In his end-of-year address, Putin apologized for the skyrocketing prices. He blamed the government for the problem and promised they were going to rectify it. Russian citizens are still waiting for a sign that he intends to keep his word.

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